Natural Rubber
Sawn Rubber Wood

 Natural Rubber | Sawn Rubber Wood   



Rubber tree over 40 year old will be cut and sawn into timber, flank serving for wood processing industry.

By rubber tree characteristics, wood is light but hard in feature, more designes meet requirements on arts and designation for products

Now a day, rubber wood more and widely applied and meet strictly needs of wood processing industry.

After being sawn, timber to be dipped in vacumm–pressure-tank having mixed with a ratio of chemicals  such as:

-Acid Borax/ Boric: impacted and prevented  on termite, worms

-PCP : avoiding mold.

-Sodium metabisulfite: made white for designs.

Timber after being dipped timely will be dried at 12% max meet export standards to be checked  and packed in to pallets.

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